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We just posted up the ICON Fall 2011 New Releases. The ICON Overlord Jackets have been very popular since day one, especially the leather jackets.
The ICON Overlord Type 1 Jacket uses the same external plastic protectors found on the Overlord Prime Leather Jackets.
We will host the video reviews as soon as our intial order arrives.

Above are a few of the colors available in the Overlord Type 1 Jacket. There is also a Green and Grey in the men's as well as a Pink and Black for the ladies.
ICON Jackets & Motorcycle Gear | SportbikeTrackGear.com
Please use the link above to view the full Fall 2011 Release. We expect inventory to begin arriving soon.
Feel free to contact me with any questions: 888.784.4327 ext. 210 or [email protected]
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