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But is anyone going to Milwaukee for any of the 110th Harley Davidson events? Bit pricey for me at $90/2 day ticket for official events & bands on Summerfest grounds.

The street party daily on Water St is free and the HD museum is pretty cheap. If you're going I'd like to know when. Sunday is a possibility for me.


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Hard to believe 110 years...

Imagine one 110 years from now.
You have a lot of hopes. Motorcycles don't change much! LOL



Although they had a humble start as a 'motorized bicycle':

Ironically, at the start Harley Davidson was a gentlemans bicycle. Leather and chrome? No way. Men in their jackets and ties wearing white gloves was about all you saw! Actually the whole leather/chrome/bad boy thing didn't start until after the second World War. Picked up steam around Viet Nam.

When Harley-Davidson got their start though, they were nowhere near the leader. This guy was;

Although it was originally the "Hardee Manufacturing Company Indian" (Indian was the model name) until the 1920's when the brand became "Indian Motorcycles". They pioneered the first V-Twin and some of the first racing motorcycles. Too bad they couldn't stick around!

By the way, Indian also pioneered the 4 cylinder motorcycles. (They weren't the first, but the first to really produce);

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