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How to replace front turn signals on Vulcan 800

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I found this instructional on another site. It is exactly how to do the job. Thanks to 'thesoundguy' for posting it there. Hopefully now, folks won't have to scour the internet for hours trying to find the right way to do it. Only difference I found were the nuts under my triple tree holding the handlebars were 17mms not 14mms. Thanks again.

The job changing out the front two is not terrible but is time consuming. I just did mine about 4 days ago, and found it took me about 1-1.5 hours to dismantle, and about the same to reassemble. I have a full windshield so that complicated the job for sure - mostly it got in the way.

Unfortunately I took no photos but the process is as pretty much as 800rick describes:
Jack the bike up with the front wheel off the ground, and support the wheel from either side so it doesn't move side to side. I used 2 cinder blocks and a bungee.
Pry off the 2 chrome cover caps over the fork tubes.
Unscrew the nut for triple tree, I believe it's 27mm. It's torqued pretty tight.
Loosen the 2 allen screws that hold the triple tree around the forks. 6mms.
Loosen the two nuts underneath the triple tree that hold the handlebars on. I believe they were 14mm
Loosen the two smaller bolts that hold the headlamp assembly on. (And also hold part of the windshield bracket as well)
The handlebars should come off at this point. Leave everything attached and move them either forward, or if you have a windshield, back over the tank. Cover the tank to protect it.
Tap the triple tree off with a rubber hammer and/or wooden block so you don't damage it, a little on each side till it slips off.
There are two screws that hold the short chrome fork covers down to the lower fork bracket. Remove both screws and slip the covers off.
Unscrew the bolt that holds the signal fixture around the tube and replace with the new one.
You may have to shorten the wires that come with the new fixture.
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