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How to open the stock baffles up on a 2010

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How do I open the stock baffles up on a 2010?

I would like to get a little more performance out of my Nomad. What do I have to do to get the stock cans flowing better while keeping the noise down for long rides? Thanks!
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Finished moving yesturday so things are indisorder here, but I think its a 1 1/2" holesaw straight down the back of the muffler. You will need an extension on your drill also. Drill through the 1st plate on each muffler, then start it and see if you like that. This can not be undone.I know they changed mufflers in 11, so I'm going by how I did my 12 Vouager. You have 2 baffle plates in each muffler, then 2 catalitic converters, and one more baffle plate, this one the muffler has to come off for. The one on the left will have to be cut and rewelded, most leave this one in.
Are you talking about the flat plug in the center of the muffler that gets drilled out? Could I start smaller to keep the plug in place but still allow more flow thru the new hole or does this make for a nasty sounding bike ?
I opened up mine without removing the baffle. I tried this in steps to see how far to go. This gave me the open exhaust I needed with a little more rumble but too much.


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The center plug is what I'm talking about. They did redesign the mufflers in either 11 or 12 to a tapered end rather than the slash cuts. This redesign results in a quieter exhaust.
Once you hit 40,000 miles it really opens up. Get out and ride! Most folks think I have aftermarket exhaust on my Voyager, but it is just the 50,000 that makes it sound so good.
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