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How long till you dropped or wrecked your bike?

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I came home and my Bike was in the garage on its side........I have never been so angry that i wanted to cry in YEARS.........clutch Handle is bent...and bent into the Gas tank dinging it and a Lil scuff over the 900 custom emblem........Took 7 mths from first owning to now before it finally fell..........Whats everyone else amount of time before they dropped or crashed their bike
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Almost hate to answer this as I don't want to encourage bad luck but I have never had one just fall over. Dropped two...one years ago, a small Honda I dropped after hitting a large root riding a forest road, and the other was a Virago 1100 that I dropped in a gravel parking lot while on a group ride. Only thing either drop injured was my pride. Had a Vulcan 1500 that almost fell over in my driveway on a really hot day and the asphalt started to melt, but I got to that on before in fell.
Something must have happened to cause it to fall over,otherwise it should remain on it's kickstand long after the cows come home.Any idea what caused the tip over?
On my current ride about 4 years.
A few years ago after getting caught in late summer rain we stopped to dry out and get some warm food-n-fuel, when I got off the bike without putting the kickstand down. Not one mark (thank you hwy bars). Few dirt bikes over the years. Few decades ago I dropped an RD 400 at 90+ but that is an other story.
Parked my 800 outside the maintenance room and it sat there for about 1 1/2hrs while I was doing work on the other side of the plant. Came back around the corner and saw it laying on its side. Scratched and gound front fender and windshield. Was about 5 months old, was just sick!

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Had my first Vulcan 900 for 6 months before someone hit me (their fault) in the middle of the intersection on a road trip with a friend. Bike was totaled, I had a sore back but nothing major. Their insurance paid for a new bike - the one I have now which is another Vulcan just later year.
My very first bike (ninja 650) I dropped it pushing it around on my concrete patio only a few weeks into ownership. Luckily I had just installed the frame sliders a few days prior. Scuff on the slider and bar end was all. Lesson learned, get on the bike if you want to move it. Install frame sliders or highway bars first thing.
The 900 shouldn't just tip over unless the stand sunk in dirt or wasn't engaged properly. In younger days I have dropped a bike by forgetting that the stand was up instead of down. Embarrasing. My new triumph almost sunk in dirt (it's bloody heavy) but I rescued it just in time. Not so long ago I almost did the kickstand thing with my mate's brand new Vstar. Superhuman butt-clenching strength allowed me to keep it 1mm off the concrete floor. If it had hit I would rather have skipped town than confess. He didn't find out about the close call and I don't intend filling him in. As for genuine drops - only a few on dirt bikes and all but one my fault. Touch wood nothing on the road bikes yet.
Dropped my 1500 vulcan a week or so after I got it turning around on a narrow road,got the front end in some loose sand and just tucked under.Rolled the clutch side up a little.Learned awhile ago to just have my controls snug but not enough so that they won't move in a tipover. when i was young and foolish and drank and drove,put a few down,either sliding down the road or just forgetting to put my feet down at a stop and fall over
I honestly have no Idea. I am waiting for one of the children in my house to fess up to it.......They are probably letting me cool down before they tell the truth Lmfao!!...
4B316..forgot to put your feet down at a stop. I am sorry but I would have loved to have seen that,,also sorry about laughing.
6 days!! Brand new 2013 900 custom (bought new in 2014). Down the end of my driveway, turned right and dug into some deep gravel. Dented the tank. I atually felt sick. Trying to turn it into a positive by getting it all painted therefore adding some originality to my bike. Although I still wish it didn't happen.
Here's a good first-person (not me, fortunately) perspective of forgetting to put the kickstand down. I actually think about this video every time I move to get off the bike. I've even considered getting into the habit of using the kickstand rather than the kill switch to power down (which only works when not in neutral).


Regarding the OP, it seems hard to believe that the bike fell on its own. Could the kickstand not have been fully deployed?
I honestly have no Idea. I am waiting for one of the children in my house to fess up to it.......They are probably letting me cool down before they tell the truth Lmfao!!...
Maybe they tried to push it forward and collapsed the stand?
After about 7-8 months of owning my 9, I was making a right turn at a busy intersection. It was one of those 55 MPH highways that intersected with an entrance into a shopping plaza. Well the far right lane broke away from the highway and the entrance into the plaza was one of those right turns that resemble an off ramp.

I slowed into the rounding turn to the right and I was looking left to yield to the oncoming cross traffic at the intersection. I was just creeping along at maybe 5 MPH or less while I was waiting for traffic to clear and my front tire dug right into an old post hole. It resembled a hole where one of those plastic/rubber traffic bollards was once emplaced. The bike immediately tipped over to the right. Fortunately, I had engine guards on and it barely made a scratch on the engine guard.

I realized that day how light the 9’s are because the bike was still between my legs and I was able to hoist it right back while it was still between my legs similar to what you’d do if your bicycle tipped over while you were on it. It also helped that the engine guards prevented the bike from going fully flat on the side and I had a rush of adrenaline because I wanted to reduce the embarrassment and get that bike back up quickly haha.
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