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How do you maintain your skill level?

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Admittedly I am not a long term rider. I have only been riding for 4 years now. I have logged about 30,000 miles in those 4 years so though my tenure hasn't been extremely long, I am not a weekend rider.

I live in Missouri so it is rare to have a two week period of time without finding a tolerable temp to ride at least a little. This last month has been an exception to that rule other than a day or two when I was out of state, unfortunately missing the best weather of the season so far.

My question relates to maintaining skill level. After about 3 weeks of no riding it seems to take me about half a day of riding to really get sharp on my skill level again. I am talking about things like choosing my line in and through curves, appropriate lean angles, avoiding the hurky jerky stuff etc.

Does this get better with more experience in the long haul or do you long timers still notice the same? Any tips?
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Jeez, with two weeks without riding, you should be good to go hahaha.... we have it a lot worse up here, its like minimum three months without riding (late Oct through March).

All in all, after riding for 26 years, the skill set doesn't ever really change. Its the same after all these months without riding VS. just getting on the bike and riding mid season.
To me, just the proper line through turns comes naturally, same with the leaning, and you don't necessarily forget it. Half a day to get back into the swing of things may be quite normal.
Like me you seem to ride these bikes quite aggressively, which is good to see. Probably the first post on here Ive seen yet about lines through turns and the like.
My hats off to you. You sound like an excellent rider already.

I sold my Triumph sportbike in June of last year, and helping a buddy buy his Ninja 900 in mid August, riding it home I was right back in my element of giving it around the on ramps trying to put down my knee lol.
Its something you never forget, regardless of what you're currently riding. Sure you may put it on the backburner, but the skills will always live with you.
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Me & a few friends take a short ride once a day inside the Ball of Death to keep our skill level at it's best!:D

I find frequent crashes keeps my skill level at its best...
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