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homemade air ride

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I've seen on several HD forums that people have used Corvette shocks as DIY air ride systems. Has anyone ever attempted something similar on a swing-arm bike like ours?
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i have not seen or heard on our bike but i have heard of sport bikeers doing it.
That's a cool idea. I haven't heard of anyone doing this off the top of my head, but that would be pretty nifty - especially if it's adjustable.
Not sure this will work for the V2K. The 'Vette shock maxes out at 14"+, with full compression at 8.5" (give or take). I can't seem to find specs for ours. Anyone know the min/max length of the shock?

Also, compression and rebound damping might be off. Would possibly be worth trying if cheap enough.
Exactly. It seems (at least in my head) that it would work just fine. I've seen Yaffe use one on a big ass dresser, but I'm chickenshit to start experimenting. lol. Was hoping some adventurous soul had already tried it. Basically, I'm hoping to come up with a system to park my big girl straight on her frame instead of kickstand. Having said that, I don't want to give up ride quality. I've already lowered her 1 3/4" thanks to Ponch (Thanks Ponch!!!) and get complimented on the stance often...I just have a weird fascination with dropping it on its frame to park, and don't have $1500 to buy a commercially available air ride.
Is it safe to assume that nobody has tried it, not even our infamous Ponch?
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