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Like many riders on this board, I wanted that Throaty Deep Tone and Nice Ring to the Exhaust. Current exhaust systems are too loud or too costly. So I built my own. I am not a Professional, but have many years of building and customizing Motorcycles = I have tools > tools for this. This is not a DIY thread, because I simply didn't document all the steps. So I will give a general overview.
1. Cans alone will only give you part of that multi layered sound. Start with the intake, get a free flow system if you can. I made my own.
2. Down pipes have to be larger than stock. I received a free Exhaust from a VTX1300, diameter is 1.5" compared to stock 1.2". Also more free flowing less pressure, for increased performance. Made a big difference. You will need to change your mapping. I bought a NOS PC3 and a digital tach and created my own custom MAP.
3. Plan and have patience. The flanges I bought from ebay Exhaust Flange Steel fits 1-1/2" 1.5" O.D. Tubing drag race street bike car | eBay. fit perfect, no mods needed.
4. Cut and tacked on pipes.
5. Built brackets out of Aluminum
6. Bought adapters for 1.5' to 2.25" pipe. Auto Store
7. Bought Stainless Steel Truck Tips Exhaust Tip 214083 Stainless Angle Polishe 18 inch Weld-On 2.25 In 3.5 Out x2 | eBay
8. Clamps 1.75" 2" 2.25" 2.5" 2.75" 3" Stainless Steel Lap Joint Band Exhaust Clamp | eBay
9. Silencers and baffles from ebay. I did not use Glass Mate. I left empty, so you get the ring sound off the SS Muffler. Probably lost 1-3HP but sacrifices have to be made.
10. Once all setup, I welded everything that needed to be and fired it up. The hardest part was getting the angle of the pipe with the flange tube. Pics are of the exhaust being setup up. And Finished.

I really enjoy this type of problem solving, and the satisfaction when it is completed. Cost was in the realm of $100, not including my hobby time.
If you have the tools = Grinder, welder, wrenches, sand paper....etc It is not a hard mod to perform.


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