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A little review and story:

Last year, I bought the Hogtunes speakers for my Voyager. Though they were clearer and sharper than stock at highway speed, they were also quieter. The stock amp simply can't push them hard enough.

Wife got me the amp for my birthday and I had the dealer install it this week. I normally use an old iphone 4s / harness to listen to my tunes, but do to a syncing error it was unavailable on the important day. I took my droid phone and bluetooth/32 pin adapter with me instead.

Tried it out and it was disappointing. Lots of distortion at high volumes and too much bass. The problem? Looks like the free version of Google Play music has no equalizer.

Got home, got my Apple issues sorted out and plugged in. Night and day. Clear, loud, no distortion.

Looks like the best audio setup when keeping the stock amp is to use the apple harness. Added bonus is the iphone has a "bass reducer" option in the eq settings.

So, hard wired and cut the bass looks like it's the way to go when using the Hogtunes kit. I am pleased with the result.

The install took close to three hours. The tech chose to remove the headlight instead of the entire fairing and kept getting interrupted. 2.5 hours labour charged.
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