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Someone asked me a while ago after I mentioned I had a hidden hitch on my 900 if I had clearance problems when riding. After all, I'm running a Car Tire so there is more profile out there and on a big bump I might bottom out and hit the tire on the hitch.

Well, today I was replacing a rear taillight assy because it had gotten wet and corroded out over a 2 year period. But after removing the old one, spending 2 hours getting the wires for the Electronic Connections LED unit run in the new stem (what a pain in the rear, use the Kury unit PERIOD!!!!) I was just getting ready to plug the new unit in and the LED's went out on the other side. Then the license plate went out too. Great, I used the crimp on wire taps (Scotch taps?) that came with the kit 3 years ago and they finally came up to bite me. Turns out the bulb was bad on my license plate but the tap that runs the power for the units. Anyways, I knew using the taps that 'Sooner or later you'll have to fix that right'. Well, it's later.

Now, the one BAD thing about the hidden hitch is it not only covers up access to the wire bundle clips, it covers up the rear light assy bolts. So it all has to come off. Big sigh BUT it's just half an hour of careful un-bolting. And so the harness sits on my bench for cleaning and soldering.

So, while everythings off the bike I thought I'd screw the hitch back on and take some pictures.

This picture is over the top of the bike. But first, a little setup. Normally there is the fender and its support and THEN the hidden hitch bolted here. Obviously the fender and it's support are removed but the bolts show dirt/corrosion on them for the portion of the bolt that is exposed. This means I have threads of the bolt being the closest thing to the the tire. So to see what clearance we have I just ran the nuts down on the bolts until they were flush and pulled the hitch tight so that the heads of the bolts are against the frame like they are when everything is installed. Not only does the hitch still have cleance, but less than a 1/4 of an inch is over the tire.

Because taking a top view is in-accurate, I decided to lay a yardstick alongside the wheel and use that as a gauge. Not only does the hitch clear the yardstick but it shows how much of the threads of the bolt that actually do hang out over the tire. But they are so far up I doubt they ever would hit even my square Car Tire after the bike bottoms out as that portion of the tire is sidewall and comes in about an inch till it gets to the tire flat.

The hitch by the way is sold from time to time by the Ebay user name of Mursue. He lives in Canada and was a welder for his profession. Now that he is retired he welds some of these up from time to time for spending money and because he has all the stuff to do it right in his shop.

Look him up on Ebay if you want a hitch by searching for Vulcan 900 Hitch. He's very friendly and quick I cannot recommend him high enough. Now I have to take a break cuzz the grand-daughter is coming over for babysitting. Hopefully I'll get an hour or so tonight to go down, clean and solder my harness. Otherwise I'll get on it tomorrow.
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