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Purchased my en650 about a month ago and stumbled across this forum when I had an issue with my dealership not even mentioning their ergo fit program. I'm 5'10 with fairly long legs and definitely could've benefited from the extended seat. I'm told it raises you up just a little and lets you sit about an inch farther back which is what my butt is constantly trying to do on the standard seat. :grin2:

Anyways, lots of great posts here and I'm glad to finally participate in them. Go Kawi!

Edit: Oh yeah, I've already contacted Kawasaki re: seat, gave them my vin and dealership info. Waiting on a call back right now. Great support so far.

Another update: Dealership ended up being the ones to call me back and apologize for not mentioning the ergo-fit program and told me to come in for the extended seat replacement free of charge. They already have it in stock and everything. Thanks to those who participated in the thread regarding this issue. Your help alone is what got me the seat I need free of charge.
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