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hey from Sask! 900 big enough?

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Hey guys!
New here, looking to buy a Vulcan in the next week or so. I have my eye on 2010 900 custom. The price is reasonable and only 11000 km (6800 miles) on it. By what I have read most guys are happy with them on here. Any input would be appreciated. I'm torn between 900 with low miles and anything bigger with 2 or 3 times the miles.
My thought is to buy a 900, and if I need bigger in a year or two buy something bigger for longer trips.

About me: I've been riding for the last 8 years. Almost all is from a gsxr600 crotch rocket. That was fine around town and short trips but now my back says no more. I know the power will be a lot different, but I'm looking to be more comfy. I plan on mostly weekend trips 1-5 hours a day in the saddle. And maybe once a year 10 hours straight in the saddle. Mostly flat land, but there will be trips often to the mountains.

Well I'm done blabbing on, any thoughts are appreciated.

Nice to meet you all!
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Welcome evans,here is my thoughts,been riding a 2006 900 classic lt,18k on her had bike since 2007
the good,,fantastic around town,been very reliable,great all around bike,handles two up riding well
Bad,,very buzzy or vibrates above 65,geared that way,needs a 6th gear for interstate use,there is after market rear and front gear for this,if you can deal with that,I def recommend this bike,looks nice, rides nice,for me not a tourer,looking at a 2010 nomad right now
Welcome in! Post this up in the 900 forum where you are sure to get more replies.
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