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Just bought an '03 Vulcan 500 and am having a ton of problems getting her road worthy. Cleaned out carbs, cleaned the "fuel filter" part of the tap, replaced spark plugs, battery, air filter and oil. Still not running right. Issue is that the bike has been sitting for probably about 6 years so there seems to be a lot of problems. Primarily, it wanting to die out at low RPM, even idle. Otherwise:
-Hissing tick sound coming from right side of engine.
-Wants to die at low RPM, even in neutral trying to rev just Boggs down and dies
-wont run unless on full choke
-Wants to die on turns
-Needs to start from stall on prime from tap, but can go from ON with RPMs higher
-died out and wouldnt restart after backfire
-clunking sound when tried to crank over

Basically, I'm a little lost as to what to do next. Figured I'd come to the forum to get some more expert advice. I'm thinking it's a fuel delivery issue, but not 100% sure. Bike is dead atm and wont crank over. I'm desperate for help. Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forums!

Please fill in your profile to include your bike/location info and that
is easier using a PC vs the app. This will help others answer questions you may ask knowing what year and model bike you have.
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