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I'm new on here and I'm trying to reply to a post. When I'm signed out there is an option at the bottom of a post to reply to it. When I'm signed in there is no option to reply to any post. How can I reply to a post? Is it because I'm a new "free" member and did not purchase a membership? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I'm trying to reply to a post in the classifieds. It let me reply here but won't in the classifieds.
Graybush, I like the name! Grandmas boy? Anyways it started working fine this morning. Just now got your message and appreciate your efforts to help. Thank you.
Good to hear.

Yes, some guys I used to work with watched that not longer after it came out and thought there was some resemblance between me and the main character. It stuck.

Also, welcome!
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