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Help Using Jack

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So I bought a scissor jack the other day so I could change my tires. I understand the the flat part is only suppose to make contact with the frame. However, mine came with two adapters that are called "h lift adapters". What are these used for?
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I don't know what bike you have, but on the 900 there are some grease nipples (zerks) on the bottom of the motor casings ... have a look and if needed, use a couple of wood blocks to allow the zerks to be cleared during the lift. It is not uncommon for these to be sheared off, resulting in the need to "tap" them out and replace them.
Mine were indeed sheared off. I bought new M6 threaded grease zerks and packed in new grease. I then removed the zerk and plugged the whole with a M6 set screw so it wouldn't happen again. Pretty easy to put back in down the road when I feel it needs another greasing.

When using my jack I use to small pieces of wood on frame rails either side of the oil pan to avoid lifting on the pan itself.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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