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Hi, my name is Rychard, I'm a daily rider. I started out with a beaten down 1980 something YZ250 that I traded something for and that only worked a few times :( , from there I was hooked. I started with a Ninja 500 that I bought brand new, within a year I upgraded to a triumph 955 Sprint ST that I rode for 12 years. then I stopped riding (my worst decision). After coming from many years of high speed riding, I decided to slow down and relax ;)

Out of all the cruisers I looked at, very few were interesting. I loved the Vulcan 900 classic's look in the showroom (as I hated bikes with windshields, bags, etc.... oh how things changed.... ;).

This is my first cruiser so its a bit of a change for me.

So I bought the straight black 2014 vulcan 900 classic and while I maybe should have gone for a larger cc bike, this was what my budget allowed for and honestly it keeps me in a relaxed mode ;) Besides, I will up the HP with the big 3 shortly (as I have all the creature comforts now installed) time for some more power/sound.

So far I have about 3grand into my vulcan, and I do all my own mods/installs.

I've gotten great info from the members on this site already and hope to start contributing :)

that's all for now
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