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Heya cats and kittens, quite a nice forum here. I've already done quite a bit of research from a few months of lurking, but I suppose it's time I introduced myself. I've bought a new-to-me 2008 Vulcan 900 Custom in February, but had to wait until March before the ice thawed on my street so I could take it home. It was utterly stock and had 10k miles, and I've only put 1k on it; it's competing with my daily city commute bike, a 2018 Yammie MT 07.

Since picking it up, I've put on some necessities and some nice-to-haves:
  • Viking saddlebags
  • Avon air cushion grips
  • Kawi engine guard
  • Baron Big Air kit
  • Cobra Fi2000R
  • Kuryakyn Pilot footpegs
  • NC Mohawk windscreen
...and so on. I also tapped a SAE socket off the battery to drive the phone charger and plug in the battery tender.

I guess the only real necessities were the saddlebags, if I'm being honest *hangs head*

Anyhow, I was about to ask what sort of Loctite I should use for the Refined Cycle HR2 risers when I discovered that I couldn't post a thread and realized that I'd never bothered to introduce myself. Boy is my face red.

*waves hello*

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