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Wife and I started riding just 2 years ago. Finally time to upgrade from our Virago 250. I am thinking of getting my wife a Vulcan 500 so joined this site to seek help and learn a but more as we are fairly news in the world of motorcycles.

Everything we have read seems to make the Vulcan 500 the perfect bike for her 5'2" height. It will give her enough power for her short highway ride to work each day.

We are focussing on ones that within 10 years mainly but noticed many in the area that are for sale that are about 1997 for only $1300-ish.
We would love any advice or feedback in helping us choose one as she is pretty set on the Vu lan. Now it's just time to find one.

Thanks again.
I am sure after we get one we will be back here lots.
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