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Hello All.
Bike- 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600.
Work done Already- Bevel gear bearing replaced, Stator and Rectifier replaced, Wiring checked over, new clutch installed. Did it all at home.

I am having a headlight issue. I personally think it has something to do with the relays that are behind the fuse box.
When I start my bike, periodically, my headlight will turn on. Maybe once every thirty starts. Other than that, it will not turn on when you start the bike.

Now for the fun part. If the bike is running and the headlight is off, it will turn on as soon as you turn the bike off with the kill switch. (this is what i have to do while going down the road to get it to turn on. Then i have to pop the clutch to start the bike while rolling and the light will stay on.) I have found out that once the light turns on with the kill switch off, the light will turn off again as soon as you hit the start button. There has to be something with the power draw when the starter solenoid kicks over that turns the light off.

I have 2 months until i have to have it inspected again. i need to resolve this by then. i am thinking about replacing all the relays behind the fuse box.

Help me please.
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