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Headlight out

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Went for a ride today. Did about 200 miles. It was getting dark and I was almost home. No high or low beam on the headlight. The high beam indicator doesn't light up either. Anyone else run into that. An inspection of the filaments on the bulb, they look good. Anyone else lost all headlight while out riding?
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Not yet, Did you check you the fuse?
Update. The filament was burnt out on the low beam. After pulling the headlight out now the high beam works. Hum. Didn't work before. Must have been a connection issue at the bulb on the high beam. Seems kind of unusual that both would happen at the same time to create the perfect storm of no headlight, out on the road at dark. Especially when the high beam worked earlier today
Probably the bike rebelling against me cause I took it to the French quarter yesterday. Lol
Made in Mexico...

Neal....had an old Harley Sportster. Headlight wiring made in Mexico. When people think of Harley, they think Made in USA. Not so. At least the headlight wiring wasn't. I drive a 2000 LT now. Much better than a Harley!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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