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Bike is a 1986 Vulcan 750

I didn't use my bike for about a year or so. Battery was gone so bought a new one but never checked the terminal location because battery was terminal locations but positive and negative were reversed. Store gave wrong battery...

anyway...I had blinker problems and with this site I was helped to find the problem and is working great

not sure if it's connected or not but headlight just stopped working. I checked the power going to headlight and isn't any in the wires, I checked the power in high/lowbeam switch and seems dead.

I checked the fuse panel prongs and there is power to one side.

as I see in the book the connector that goes into the fuse panel for the headlight. seems to be power going out the connecter number associated with the headlight.

At the same time I noticed the blinkers don't turn off on their own anymore...pretty sure it's linked with the problem

any ideas?
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