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Headlight mounting?

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2002 Vulcan 500 I've been working on as a winter project and now down to just one remaining issue. The headlight mounting. It seems so loose even though the two mounting bolts are tight. Is this normal? I can wiggle the headlight by hand back and forth at least an inch or more.
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To learn as much as I can about 500cc Vulcans, I read through (almost) all the threads here. I read that folks complain about the looseness (is that a word?), and the beam bounces around when they drive at night. I did not read if anyone found a 'fix' for this. Perhaps the play is there so the filament is not vibrated too much.
I think that I shortened the spacers in the grommets to let the bolts tighten up. It's been a few years so I could be mistaken. :)

Also check the tabs that connect it to the turn signal mounts.
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