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Harbor Freight table lift SALE

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This is a PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE. When leaving Harbor Freight yesterday, the cashier stuffed a sale paper in my bag, showing their 1000 lb motorcycle lift table (item # 68892/69904) on sale for only $295.76. The sale is effective Jan. 9, 10 and 11th. I have had this lift for about 6 yrs, and I love it. This price is cheaper than I paid 6 yrs ago. While it would seem to take up a lot of space when not being used, I found a way around that. I got a block of wood just the right size to use to rest the kickstand on, so I can park the bike on the lift every day so that it doesn't take up extra space. This was a public service message. If this had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed to get on your bike and get out of Dodge, with the quickness!
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I received the same sale paper and im all over it when the sale starts. im gonna give it a try. do you think it will work on my voyager? I guess we will find out. I thought about going with the "black widow stand".
I received the same sale paper and im all over it when the sale starts. im gonna give it a try. do you think it will work on my voyager? I guess we will find out. I thought about going with the "black widow stand".
It works great for my Vaquero, so I am positive it will work fine with a Voyager. The only mod I did was to drill a couple of extra hole to add two more u-bolts for tie-downs. BUT... you will also NEED a flat scissors jack to place under the bike in order to lift the front or rear wheel for removal. That can be found for about $75. I use mine to remove each wheel for tire changes, then take the wheels to the shop for mounting and balancing. This alone will save you $75-$100 in labor charges per set of tires. My lift has paid for itself a couple of times already.
Also makes cleaning/detailing much easier.
I have had one such lift successfully lift my Voyager, and I have had another not be able to . . . The one that couldn't did fine with a couple of Ultra Classics, but once my Voyager was on it - it said "No Thanks!" I have heard of some folks boosting the hydraulics to increase lift capacity.
im going to give it a try. I have a royal star tour deluxe and a valkyrie , maybey it will ligt one of them:D. I heard there is a lock bar or something on the lift that should be replaced with a stronger one. that wont help the lift capacity though. I also heard to make sure it has fluid because some of them don't come with enough fluid already in the jack. and ill be sure to get a sissor lift so I can do the tire changes.
Worked with the 09 900 works with the 13 voyager and the sons bikes 99 800a and 02 meanie. First thing I did was get rid of the cheesy wheel clamp and replaced it with there #60392 wheel chock 39.99. Just ride bike on and wheel chock will hold bike until I get straps on it. I also added a couple u bolts thru the top to tie down to where I wanted them. There's almost always a 20% off coupon on there website you can print off. Some stores will let you use the coupon on sale merchandise also you just have to ask but at that price .. damn
I went with a base Titan scissor lift, HF drive in chock and a Rage flat jack for under the bike. I know the HF Parrallel lift can do the job but....

If I had my kingpin which was 100+ lighter I would have gone HF. I just don't trust the parrallel arm lift style jacks with just shy of 1000 lbs.

Just finished putting on a new CII front tire Sunday. Put bike on the lift into the drive in chock, set the scissor jack, a couple of tie downs then lifted her about 30".
Raised the front end up, pulled the rear bolts on the chock, kicked it forward and rolled the tire out the front. Easy-peasy.....

I have the HF tire changer with motorcycle adapter and one of the special tire levers/bars. Took all of 20 minutes to pull the old tire off the rim and set the new one.

From start to finish getting bike on lift and tire changed, it was an hour or so of putzing around....

All this and I'm a HF junkie... Just picked up the Rapid Pump 1 1/2 ton raceing jack yesterrday. Got the heavier of them. It has lift height over 18". $100 on sale.
The normal 1 1/2 ton only lifts 14" on sale for $80.

A table lift is the only way to go!
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