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Had a flat with tubed tires???

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Knock on wood I have never had a flat on any of my bikes. That being said these tubes are starting to worry me. So I want to hear how your story of a flat tire with tubes went.

Tell me how this played out for you. What if I am in the middle of nowhere cruising some back country road and I get a flat. Next lets assume you can get some cell reception. Its a tube so it cant be fixed with a plug kit of any kind. I have towing service through my insurance but where are they gong to tow it? Regular mechanics don't have the ability to deal with motorcycles correct? Can you get the wheels off on the side of the road? Would you want to? If I am out on a Sunday when nobody is open am I totally screwed? Would it have helped at all if you carried a spare tube for the front and rear?

Tell me your tube tire flat horror stories and or success. How can I be more prepared?
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I had a flat on my bike with tube tires (not my Vulcan) and just walked it to a spot to leave it until I could hitch hike home and get my truck to pick it up. As far as my Vulcan...I had a AAA account for my cars and just added the RV portion to it and that includes motorcycle towing for 100 miles. I figure I can at least get it to a place where I can work on it within that distance but hopefully a shop of some kind. I ride out of cell service all the time and I have checked on a Sunday to see if AAA would respond and they did with a timeline of when I would see someone. My problem is I live in the corner of Utah but ride thru Arizona and Nevada within 25 miles of home and usually both on one ride. They are good about forwarding you to the proper help line. It was about a $40 add on to my regular AAA so well worth it to me even though I have not used them yet. I ride 18,000 miles a year so its coming some day.
Kawasaki offers roadside assistance, 24/7 at a very reasonable price.
When I had my '09 Classic LT, I had a rear flat at 60 MPH riding two up with the wife on. I had time to tell her what was happening and what to expect before the rear end started it's wild shake from side to side. We got stopped without losing it. As we were looking the tire over an SUV that had just passed us going the opposite direction pulled in. The driver stated he was a rider and knew what was happening when he saw the headlights going back and forth. He figured he was coming back to see us laying on the road. He offered to go get his trailer and tow us home (with a few cold adult beverages in a cooler in the back seat when we got in). He even backed the trailer into my garage and gave me his business card and said to call when I had the bike fixed and we'd get together to get his trailer back to him. He won't hear of taking anything (even though we got him a case of his favorite beer). He told me to just pay it forward the next time I passed a biker in distress which the wife and I did about 3 months later when a Harley rider went down in front of us when we were in our truck.
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Ol'school, thats what being a biker is about, partially. On my 800 classic I had a flat on the rear, picked up a nail leaving work. It about a 10 ride between stations for air. I noticed that it was feeling a little squirly in a couple corners, figured air was low, so planned to stop at next gas station to check it. About a mile from the station I had to take a left onto the road the station was on and the back end went wide some, not sliding, just didnt want to turn with the front. Got pulled over to the burn and it was almost completely flat. Was slowed to about 25-30 at the time, and had only been riding a year. Called my brother-in-law and he came in his truck and brought a compressor. Filled tire every mile or so to get it home, rode last 2 block flat. Next day, took wheel off and got new tire and tube installed.

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great storys guys. I have a $100 credit with my insurance towards roadside repairs and tow's. I might look into that Kawasaki thing. Would be nice to find someone capable of getting you back on the road, from the side of the road.
Yup rick, that is what being a biker is about. Looking out for your fellow two wheeled brothers and sisters. And darkarcher it definitely doesn't hurt to have a roadside assistance plan especially on long distance rides.
Had a couple flats over the years. A mini air compressor can be a life saver, I keep mine under the seat. I also keep an 8 oz bottle of slime(never used) which I hear is hit or miss.

Theoretically you could do on site with a jack and some spoons, but I change my own tires and would not attempt it. Tubes too much of pain in ass to carry...just patch on site.
2 flats here on tubed tires.
I have Progressive roadside.
1st flat 100 miles from home. Bike was towed 11 miles to an independent bike shop found by the flatbed operator. Was late in the day and could not replace the tube until morning. I stayed at a "roach motel" about 1/4 miles away and rode home the next day...
2nd flat was 45 miles from home at sundown. Had the bike towed home. Both tires were to be replaced that month so I bought new ones online and a friend trailered the bike to his friend who mounted the new tires.
Progressive covered both tows completely.
I had a flat rear with a tube a few years ago. Picked up a screw leaving work. I was headed to my mom's house which is four miles from work. I didn't notice the screw till I got about a mile down the road and started hearing it tick on the pavement. It started getting squirrelly at just over 2 1/2 miles. I slowed down to about 35-40 mph and kept it straight. I only had to make one turn which I did at about 10 mph. Tire was due for replacement anyways so I was not out anything. Good thing for a 6 ply tire and a 300 pound bike.

I have two questions also:
Dirtwiz: What level of AAA did you have before you got the RV coverage? I have Plus and do not see where that covers motorcycles. In fact I can't find anything on Ohio's AAA website that says anything about motorcycles.
vivadude: I also have Progressive motorcycle insurance and was not offered roadside. How much does it cost you?
Dirtwiz: What level of AAA did you have before you got the RV coverage? I have Plus and do not see where that covers motorcycles. In fact I can't find anything on Ohio's AAA website that says anything about motorcycles.
Plus doesn't cover motorcycles. Plus RV covers motorcycles (at least that's been the case in PA and OH). You can find that information right here.

You can also see from this that they are different levels:

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HRH_Z, thank you for that information.
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