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Greetings from the little island of Cyprus.

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Hi everybody!
I'm Steve and I'm currently residing in Cyprus.
I haven't actually bought a vulcan yet but am looking at three different ones at the moment.
1) a 1990 VN1500 A4 with 19000 miles on the clock
2) a 1997 Vn1500 C2 with 15000 miles on the clock
3) a 1998 VN1500 class with 20000 miles on the clock

I am most drawn towards number one mainly because of the price and styling.


Hope to speak to you soon!

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The year scares me, it's 25 years old, are you thinking of riding it or hanging it on the wall?....welcome aboard.....
welcome to the forum
Welcome in! Having traveled to a few islands I have a question. How big of an island is Cyprus? If it's as small as Bermuda or St. John, I would think a 1500 is a bit too big. In fact as small as Bermuda is they have a limit of 250cc's (at least used to) and that is for the locals, 50cc's for tourists! Might want to look at that if you haven't pulled the trigger. You did say it is a tiny island!
Thanks for the replies

Hey all and thanks for all the greetings and the information provided.
Fortunately this tiny island isn't too small, so they have quite a full spectrum of motorcycles. I decided to go for the 1997 vn1500. When trying to look about at parts and such like, it seemed that the later model was a lot easier to find bits for. It's a beauty and has lots of extras which I am happy about. Do you think it would be worthwhile 'marbling' as there is quite a bit of popping on deceleration? It doesn't really bother me, but I'm sure my neighbours would become tired of it very quickly!

Anyway, thanks again.

Hello & welcome Steve. Have never been to Cyprus but had a bank account there once. Ride safe.
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