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Hello! I am Mike from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I just bought my first Motorcycle, a green 2015 Vulcan S - So far I love it! :cool: It's been less than 2 weeks (most of which has been filled with crazy crap weather), however I have still managed to log 170+ miles!

Extra info:
I just got my LED Light Bar kit and Relay Module today. I wanted to install all of it, however work gets in the way :mad: So I spent 15 minutes throwing in the relay, and hopefully will have enough time tomorrow to put the light bar on!

I also got the reduced reach handlebar (short arms over here) and should be getting those swapped out on Friday.

Finally, I have some leftover waterproof Green LED Accent lights from when I used to install 12V for a living, so I plan on adding those in the near future.

Hopefully I will be plenty active on the forums here and y'all can keep up with my progress with my new mistress! :camera:
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