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He's not on a Vulcan though, but at least it's still a Kawasaki!

I got my 10 year old son a cheap little dirt bike that needed some work a few weeks ago, a 2010 klx110. It is a SPUNKY little thing!

The carb was done. Couldn't be adjusted anymore because of broken screws, or rebuilt because of the same. Stripped screws and screw holes. Someone hard torn it down too many times trying to tinker with it without knowing what they were doing. The float bowl wouldn't even mate to the carb body.

So I just ordered a complete new carburetor assembly.

I put it on yesterday afternoon, found out quickly and thankfully that this was the ONLY thing wrong with it, other than some cosmetics.

Within ten minutes, the boy plowed a tree, a bush, the front porch, then ran up between the bush and front porch. Scared Daddy here.

He ran inside to was the blood off his hands, arms, and legs to check his scratches and scrapes after getting wedged between the porch and bush, then came right back out and jumped back on. Yes he's wearing riding gear minus the fancy moto-x suit. He's making the same mistake many new dirt riders make: the bike jumps, he panicked and gripped the bars tighter, steadily gaining speed until something stops him.

He's getting the hang of it, ran around the property in second gear for about another 2.5-3 hours without further incident.

Still scares the hell outta me though.

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