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Going Ape! Burly?

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Hey guys

I know that Burly makes cable kits for HD but I read here somewhere a while back from a member that Burly cables work on the vn900 but I can't seem to find that thread!
I have been thinking this over & over from 12 to 16 & finally 14"
I figured 14" bar is a fine starter then I can play around with the risers to find the sweet spot later on.
Burly bars are looking good at 100$ ish & their cable kits sub150$ ish also is a sweet deal. But I can't figure out the exact P\N of the cable to order!
Did anyone try the Burly? Can anyone point me to the correct one? Looking for 16" cables to put on the 14" bar I'm planing on...
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im thinking of doing the same man, would be nice to get a cable "kit"
Does anyone know which Burly fits the custom? How about other cheaper brands than Barons?
westendmotorsports.com sells a kit. It is barons stainless steel. I put 14" apes on my bike and they fit good. Cables were sold by the size of the bars.
You should be able to find something on Cruiser Customizing. They have whole kits, generally.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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