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Ghost rider

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So I get a text at work today to call home as soon as I can. This is why.

The freakiest thing ever! UPS man knocks at my door, I answer it the next thing I know I hear a motorcycle trying to start up. the UPS guy jump back, it was Rick Byers 800 Vulcan tried to start by itself, went forward about 10 feet or maybe a little less moved the bench and chair that sit in front of the apartment all the way up past the door frame. The poor UPS guy thought it was just about to run him over, my neighbors came out to help they had been watching a scary movie. The ignition switch was on off the kill switch would not work and finally the battery died and the bike stopped and they were able to put it back up on its wheels. Can we say Ghost Rider?? Crazy thing is, the ignition quit working about 4 weeks ago and its been under a cover the last 2 weeks, and the ignition switch has been unplugged since it quit. Any ideas? Flipping the kill switch made no difference, the motor cranked until the battery died.
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Yes something apparently shorted out finally with a burst of wind moving the wires or something to that effect and it cranked it then moved it some.
Pulled battery to charge, no obvious problems there. Will have to look into it more this weekend.
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