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I know you have felt it, that chill in the air that is making its way across the country. Unfortunately, that means less riding time and starting to think about winterizing your bike...
The best way to do that is to make sure your bike is connected to your CTEK Charger all winter long. That way you never have to worry that your battery will be dropping below optimum level, and if you do get that one nice day, you can hop right on that bike and hit the road.
Also, you know that you will not have to replace your battery in the spring when you are ready to regularly ride again. Keep in mind, that if your battery is not fully charged, you risk it freezing at 32 degrees and below. But, if you keep it at its best, it could be safe all the way down to negative 76 degrees! That’s some serious protection.

For more information on winterizing your bike, visit www.smartercharger.com.
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