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The Fuggin EFI Fuel Controller is easy to use and requires no dyno, laptop, complex hook-up, power supplies or extra wire harness. Just plug the Fuggin EFI Fuel Controller into the existing factory wiring harness and mount the controller. Pre-programmed for intakes changes and all Kawasaki Fuggin exhaust systems changes. Also pre-programmed for other manufactures exhaust and intake changes.
-Plug N’ Play installation
-Easy push button adjustment (If required)
-Easy Air/fuel ratio adjustments (If required)
-Load based operation
-3 basic zones of operation
-Simple hook-up & use
-No Computer or dyno required
-Plug n’ Play for air-intake & Fuggin Exhaust
-Tuning capabilities superior to Alpha N type controllers
-Similar to carburetors

Only $249.00 compared to $325 and add on’s up $200 to $400

Contact Fuggin Fabrication to order 480/813-4474 or email [email protected]


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