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Fuel treatment for 900

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Just curious to see if any of yall are running an occasional fuel system cleaner through your bikes. Ive ran B-12 in just about every vehicle ive ever owned but didnt know if chemicals like these were safe for the fuel systems on our bikes. Dont see why they wouldnt be, just wanted to see what yall are using.
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Nothing at all.
best fuel money can buy, no additives, non needed.
Couple of ounces of Sea Foam about every 5th tank or so.

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I use heet in the red bottle for my truck and my bike...It removes water from the gas tank and cleans the injectors..2 or 3 oZ in a tank full...Works great..wal mart has it for a couple of bucks...

Sea Foam.Reap the benefits...........
Thanks for all the replies y'all!
Thanks for all the replies y'all!
Welcome friend!!!
Sea Foam.Reap the benefits...........
STP multi purpose motor treatment if leaving bike stored for a month or more. Have used a couple of time when bike was running rough, did the trick. According to STP this is superior to sea foam. http://www.stp.com/products/multipurpose-additives/multipurpose-motor-treatment/

I use ethanol free gas whenever I can and seldom use an additive.
I've used Sta-bil in every tank since new going on 8 years now and never had a problem. Starts after sitting 4 months in winter like I just ran it yesterday.
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