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fuel pump issue

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My 98 1500 classic has a fuel problem, I believe. The only way I can keep it running is by cupping my hand over the carb. When I take my hand off the motor stumbles and dies. There is gas squirting into the carb body when i blip the throttle. However the motor will still die if I do this even with my hand cupped over the carb. I pulled off the gas tank and tried to listen and feel the pump running but got nothing. I even pulled off the fuel pump and hooked it to 12 volts but still nothing. If its bad is it fixable or do I have to buy a new one. Are there any good cheaper than OEM fuel pumps available that will work. Kawasaki OEM fuel pumps are expensive. I did take apart the fuel side of the pump but I don't see that to be the problem if the fuel pump motor is shot. Please help if you can
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1. Remove heavy cable that goes to starter from starter solenoid.
2. Remove fuel line from carb and point into a container.
3. Key on, push and hold start button.
4. Fuel should flow.

Post back with results.
Okay, I bench tested it by connecting the black and yellow wires to a 12 volt battery and touched the negative lead to the pump body and got nothing so I assume the pump motor is shot. Now to find a good used one or bite the bullet and buy a new one. Sure hope this solves my fuel starvation problem.
These connections will not run the pump.

See post #2.
Hooked the pump back up and now its making noise as if its working although its a noise I never heard it make before. Have to get a new fuel filter and then will try it again. Don't understand why the pump is running now unless jostling it around did something or maybe jiggling the wire connections. Will post back when I have something.Thanks so far for your help.
Pump only runs when starter turning or engine running...runs no other time.
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