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Hey guys, I have a 93 v1500 (88 classic) and I am getting stumped on this fuel problem.

During the morning I can start it up, use the choke and everything. Runs amazing for a while. Once it gets warmed up it'll start to back fire quite a bit, you go to leave from a stop and you almost need full throttle to get it to go. Or it starts acting like it's starving for fuel, it'll be back firing non stop and kinda smell like fuel.

During the afternoon I can't use the choke to start it at all, or it'll kill it. About 2 minutes down the street same problems as above. It'll start being super sluggish until I open the throttle which you can't always do. It had died like that and will be hard to start again. I think I'm getting way to much fuel, which I'm getting about 18mpg so obviously something is wrong?

I picked up a new fuel pump/filter and was seeing if any other suggestions before I start to get into it. I was wondering if adjusting the fuel/air ratio screw would do it on both sides just getting more air or something but I can't find where the screw is. (I am extremely new to carbs) can any one tell me what the gold screw/spring is above the idle knob?
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