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After more than ten years Mrs. Rainmaster has decided to quit riding motorcycles and her 2009 Kawi Vulcan 500 LTD with less than 3,200 miles is up for sale. We bought the bike a little over a year ago with 2,500 miles from the original owner (an older nice fellow near Blairsville who soon after buying the bike developed a health condition that prevented him from using it much).

Mrs. Rainmaster while learning to dual sport had an "off" in a dirt road with her DR Suzuki (a totally different bike already sold) that although resulted in no physical injury created a mental block as she recently told me: "I had no idea that it was going to hurt that much and I have no plans of going thru that again". She tried her Vulcan for a few more outings but the confidence is no longer there. Time for her to find a new hobby!

The bike is original with some extras added in such as a factory windscreen, a real engine chrashbar and a nice tachometer. it drives as a newer low miles bike should. It is not perfect as the previous owner (he was 70ish years old) dropped the bike in his garage and you can see the marks on the tank badge and the front fender and for some reason the clear coat on the forks is de-laminating. He tried polishing it up but more work is needed to make it perfect. Bike is near Helen Georgia and performance wise it will not disappoint. That 500 motor revs up like a turbine and is pretty good on gas (over 50 MPG's).

I checked the price guides and also bikes listed for sale at WOW in Atlanta and they currently have a low miles 2006 for about $4K once you add their $300 dealer prep fee.

I will offer this one at $3,600 to account for the cosmetics. Not interested in trades. Bike located near Helen, Ga. Shoot me a PM if you need more info. Thanks!

Here are some pics:

Forks clear coat peel:

Right side tank badge:

Front fender dent:

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