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I began trouble shooting the rear brake issue. I believe the cable is rusted or twisted. Here are details:
1. Rear brake pedal would press with no resistance and bottom out. It wouldn't pull the cable due to excess free play.
2. I tightened the cable up by turning the rear brake adjusting nut. It worked but realized the cable wouldn't budge. A hard press eventually pulled some brake cable forward, which showed rust, but wouldn't retract. I sprayed some penetrating oil and loosened the adjusting nut. I was able to pull more cable forward but still wouldn't retract. I sprayed more penetrating oil and tried removing the adjusting nut and pulled the spring arm off near the rear brake.
3. Discovered that the rear spring that retracts the drum brake is operational. So something is preventing the cable from sliding back and forth.

Any help is appreciated, I will be purchasing a manual soon but would like to solve this sooner than later.
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