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Okay, in my accident back in Nov, the little stub that holds the mirror got broken off my front master cylinder clamp. The clamp still holds the master cyl fine, but I'm riding with only one mirror, and I'd rather have them both...

My bike is an '08 EN500C, but the same clamp fits a ton of Vulcans out there. From 500's up through 1500's with years ranging from 1990 to 2009.

My specific part # is 43034-1102, but the painted and chrome variants carry different numbers, and I don't have those.

Peeling chrome or general cruddy looks are fine with me, as long as it's a sound piece (no cracks and the threads for the mirror aren't chewed up). I know how to apply a good wire brush and paint.

I know they're out there on eBay and such in the $20-25 range, was just checking here before I buy there. Plus, I'm on a budget, so maybe by buying an ugly one I'll get a discount hahahaha

Adding a couple pics of the part I need. These are sample pics, from partzilla, but it'll give you a pretty good idea...

Thanks in advance!


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