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I'm on my 2nd set of EBC FA229 Non-Asbestos Organic (NOA) Pads and they seem fine. It should be noted that I'm not a particularly aggressive rider.

Some sources recommend EBC FA229HH Sinstered Copper Alloy Pads as stonger pads with better braking power & a longer pad life.
However, I have also been told the Sinstered Copper Alloy (HH) Pads are considerably harder on the rotor. They also cost nearly 25% more than the NOA pads.

I DO want superior stopping power & long brake pad life, but I DO NOT want to significantly shorten the life of the rotor. Multiple sets of pads are a good bit cheaper than a rotor replacement.

QUESTION - Are the Sinstered Copper Alloy (EBC FA229HH) brake pads really much better than NOA (EBC FA229) brake pads and are they really much harder on the rotor?
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