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My hat is off to Racnray. Out of faith from so many people posting positive results...I went a head and ordered Ray's throttle mod.
I have to say I am amazed at the improvement. I have worked on my motorcycles for 31 years and know enough to be dangerous...I thought I had adjusted my throttle to have the majority of the hesitation out. I figured if Ray's mod gave me even a little better throttle response then I would be happy.
I can hardly believe how much better my bike responds now! Not only in off the line pick up and up shift....but down shifting as well. I had stopped blipping the throttle on down shifting because the throttle response was too slow...this caused my bike to occasionally clunk into gear...now that is gone...I can actually come to a stop faster. The pick up off the line is great! You can shift quicker and smoother with out the delay of the the throttle.
Thank you very, very much Ray...your mod is fantastic!
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