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Hello Vulcanians!

Here just to tell you about my first ride from Sao Paulo to Itu via Estrada dos Romeiros.
In a free translation, Estrada dos Romeiros can be Pilgrims Road.
It's a really old road used by our natives before the colonization.
So old that the Incas were there 500 years ago. I think Incas went for a ride with our natives.

Everything was new for me... The ride, the GoPro, a free version of a video editor and first posting for You Tube.
You can check it out here https://youtu.be/WOssECWF9v4 (sorry for the amateur video).
The audio is not new, but crazy!!!:devil2:

Godfathers used their big HD. Josias with his Heritage opening the road and Sidney with his Ultra behind me, checking all the mistakes I was supposed to do.
That curvy road was not a problem for my 650 S, but chalenging for those heavy Harley Davdison.

Novices are stupids. My battery ran out in the midle of the first leg of the ride..:frown2:
Charged it while eating a delicius picanha and zero alcohol beer - responsibility on the ride 0:)
Anyway, it was awesome :grin2: 280 km of adrenaline.

Technical data:
- Top speed in the curvy road = 50 km/h down to 15 km/h to help HD's manouvering
- Picanha with zero alcohol beer = R$ 80,00 each rider.
- Top speed back home = 130 km/h (highway)
- Fuel rate = 26 liters/km
- Adrenaline concentration = 100%
- Age before the ride = 61
- Age after the ride = 15
- Old riders final evaluation... approved to integrate Los Viejos (we are only 6 bikers).
- Final recomendation... upgrade to HD (LOL :grin2:- I'm very happy being a vulcanian)

The next ride will be to the beach. This time, hopefully with my wife on the rump.
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