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FI2000r for sale - NEW!

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This Has been SOLD!!!
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The Manufacturer part number is 92-1968.

Fits Vulcan 900 06-15 classic or 07-15 custom.

PS, Rich I saw your PM but I cant message you back because your mailbox is full.
Tried to PM

Hi Dark, you tried to PM me, I think I have the problem fixed! Can you try again?
Hi Dark, you tried to PM me, I think I have the problem fixed! Can you try again?
Matt, Pm Sent Thanks!
Item still for sale.
What didn't you like about the tuner?
Well first of all thanks for reminding me that I need to mark this SOLD!

Now that's finished, on to your question.

There was nothing I didn't like. I had some remaining backfiring in certain situations that I could not tune out, and the grass is always greener on the other side, so I went with the better unit. However when I installed it I found I had just as much backfiring and I think I had a little more power with the tune I had developed with the FI2000r. So in short, its really perfect but since I live in an area where temperatures swing more than 100 degrees in just a month, and I plan on traveling to different elevations with the bike, I am glad I have something a little better. Plus I have some crazy need to squeeze ever last little HP out of this I can get. Not that I can tell the difference. In short if I had it to do all over again, I would have stuck with it.
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