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Congrats Roger!

2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Special Edition Ebony

Arlen Ness Teardrop Mirrors
Spiked Adonized Black Grips
Spiked Adonized Black Pegs
Black Leather Tank Panel
Removed Rear Pegs
Removed Seat Strap
Removed Reflectors
Black Spiked Licence Place Cover
Spiked treatment on Air Filter Cover
Spiked Air Valve Covers
Clear Alternatives Smoked Tail Light Cover
Clear Alternatives Smoked Signal Light Covers
Black Oill Cap with Vulcan Logo
Black Master Cylinder Fluid Cover with Vulcan Logo
Leatherworks 312 Chopper Bag

The Story
In May 2009, I decided to finally do something that I had wanted to do all my life. Get a motorcycle. I completed the motorcycle safety course and immediately went out to search for a bike. I fell in love with a brand new 2009 Vulcan 900 Custom SE at a local dealership but at the time I couldn't really afford it and settled for a second hand 1999 Vulcan 800 Custom.

Even though it wasn't my dream bike I absolutely loved it and rode it every chance I got. Sadly, I only had this bike for about a year. In April 2010 I was out for a ride and got cut off in traffic and had to lay the bike down. I was devistated. Luckily I didn't get hurt too badly, I had a little road rash on my knees and left arm but the bike took the brunt of the fall. It didn't look like a whole lot of damage but after the appraisal it got completely written off. I got a little bit of insurance money (not enough if you ask me) and I ended up going out and buying my dream bike.

My 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Special Edition Ebony was bought second-hand but it only had 900km on it when I took it over. So it was essentially a brand new bike. The previous owner took very good care of it. I really like the look of my bike because it doesn't have a windshield or huge saddlebags that can take away from the beauty of the bike. Nevertheless, I have added a few personal touches to black-out the bike even more and to really make it my own. I've tried to stick to a "Spiked" theme for my bike and have added mods that are subtle enough to keep the pure look of the bike without overdoing it. I constantly get complimented on it and in the small town where I live I haven't seen another one like it... I guess there's a silver lining to everything.

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Nice bike! (same as mine). I gotta ask you where did you get the foot pegs and grips? do you have any pics of the tank protector? Thanks, Steve

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Beautiful ride! Can you post some more pics?
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