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Feb. 2015 Bike Of The Month entry thread

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Please post your bikes here to be entered in this month's Bike of the Month contest!

To enter your Vulcan, all you need to do is tell us a little about it, and post some photo(s). And don't forget the story behind the bike because that can often turn the trick!

The winner for each round will be chosen by our members' votes! A new voting thread will be created near the end of the month.

Eng size:
And the story:

As long as you haven't won in the past year you can enter again.

Please post your entries in the active month's thread. That thread will be closed at the end of the month. We'll start a poll with that month's entries and the winner will be named and have their bike featured on the home page.

You must have accumulated 15 posts in order to enter a bike, or to discuss the bikes, or to vote. You will be able to view the bikes, but not discuss them, vote on them, or enter your own until you have accumulated 15 posts. This is the same number of posts that has been required in the past to vote for BOTM.

Please note; You may be disqualified if you 'rally votes' from other members. This can include sending private messages asking for votes, posting new threads asking for forum members to vote for you, etc.

Please be respectful when discussing other members bikes. You may also be disqualified for unsportsman-like comments about other bikes, which can include insults, demeaning comments, or demanding in open forums or PM's that others not vote for them or that they be disqualified. If you have a legitimate concern that someone is not competing fairly and should not be considered for voting, PM a moderator
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Purple Haze

Model:vn800 classic
Eng size:800cc
Pipes:custom ,designed by the owner and made by kev of prolix customs,
Seat:custom cut down and then recovered by mark at top trimming.
Wheels:made from billet
Accessories:custom graphics and carb booster
And the story:bike is named Purple Haze
The bike came from the UK , and was featured in Backstreet Heroes magazine,
the bike is based on famous musicians like jimi hendrix,bob marley and jim morrison.
Karl parke from stourbridge was the owner and graphics were painted by Giorgio Ucceillini and
Niel from motor point.


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That's a pretty cool bike.

You didn't mention about how it was featured (by previous owner?) in a magazine...

I'd like to know more about the story of the bike..Do you know who painted it and why the original owner had it done?
That's a pretty cool bike.

You didn't mention about how it was featured (by previous owner?) in a magazine...
post redone sorry about that,
Hmp, only 2 days left in month.

Only 1 bike entry. And no poll started yet....(but guess ya can't have a single entry poll)
Lol will I withdraw ? As I have a confession to make.
I was involved in a hit n run from my bike last June
I only got it back yesterday.:mad:


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Holy crap!!!!

What's it look like now?

(and i wondered why you joined last year, posted that spiffy bike.. then disappeared)
Lol it's not to bad
Picture attached I'm going to Bobber it


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Well we can't just have one entry.
Not the greatest back ground but presently there is a ton of snow in my driveway. Just got her all put back together after having the parts out for painting.

2013 900 Custom
V&H Staggered/Slashed
Cobra Power FLO Intake
Cobra Fuel Processor
Memphis Shades Bullet Fairing
Kawasaki flame stitched gel seat


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Lol it's not to bad
Picture attached I'm going to Bobber it
That really sucks ruteless...

I mean..really really sucks. I guess the police don't know who did it?

And why just now getting it back.. after half a year??

(you should probably withdraw and resubmit when you get it up and running again..my opinion anyways...)

that poor poor bike.. so little chrome. It's probably sitting in that corner crying.


Looks good!
ha,ha...No, she's finally smiling again. The paint job is new because I dropped her in the driveway after only 6 glorious days ownership.

I bought her new in 2014
Voting has finally begun for this month so hold any future entries for the March contest once that thread is created.

You can vote for this month's winner IN THIS THREAD
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