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G'day guys,

Just a quick point of interest for anyone out there that may be in the same boat as me.

I picked my bike up with it's new pipes added on today. In the end I am glad that I went with a stealer to purchase them through and have them fitted (very much due to the minister for war and finance insisting). The reason I'm happy is that there were some issue that I want to make sure that no one else gets caught up with if buying for themselves.

Living in Bazzaland, it makes the options a little less varied if you go through the dealers. I have also noticed that the options online have reduced in the last few weeks.

I have a 2004 1600 Classic (Loving it so far by the way) and went on the hunt for aftermarket pipes. Sticking with the big 2 I pretty much came up with the following options online:

- Speedster Longs
- Speedster Slashcuts.

Not a great variety but hey I was happy with either the Bigshots or longs.

I decided to go with the dealer to avoid any postage or other issues that may happen while coming across the big pond from the US.

Well, the Longs were not even an option through their supplier (which I have since found are now less available on the web too) so I went with the Bigshots. Still happy.

It turns out that the ones listed as for the classic do not bolt straight up to the "older" 2004 model.

The solution:
The model number assigned to the Mean Streak are a direct bolt up.

Problem solved and my new pipes look and sound awesome.

I know it took a long time to get to the point but I thought I'd let anyone with an "older" bike that was thinking about going out on their own to do the conversion know and avoid the frustration that my local stealer had to deal with.

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