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So I'm posting three videos here looking for peoples opinions on the different sounds. First off, this is a 2001 1500 Classic FI with Vance & Hines Classic II pipes.

This is the Classic II pipes out of the box. Quiet at idle. Loud when I need them to be. But I feel they're somewhat high pitched and harsh.

Here I've removed the baffle wrapping and reinstalled the baffle tubes. It gives a much deeper tone. Slightly louder at idle, but is much quieter going down the road... almost as if I was back to the debaffled stock exhaust (only with a deeper tone).

Here I've removed the baffles entirely and replaced them with some custom exhaust pieces (adapters/reducers) from Advanced Auto Parts. I can't run it with nothing in them as I fear a ticket just starting it in my driveway! (Not really, but yeah, it's THAT loud!) I think the volume is very borderline tickety :) but I love that ultra deep growl! I've passed two cops so far, babying the throttle both times and spending more time checking my mirrors than the road in front of me after passing them!

Let me know what you think!

Side note... I found it odd to say the least that the pipes got QUIETER after removing the fiberglass from the baffles! I expected it to be louder.
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