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Excited to ride again

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Hi everyone. My 2013 leftover 900 classic was delivered last weekend and I'm pretty excited to get back in the saddle, except that there is 9 inches of snow here on the ground in PA.

Long story short, had a GSXR-750 in my teens and early 20's, laid it down and haven't been on one since. Every year I go to every dealership In the area but never buy, well this year I pulled the trigger.

I have been slobbering over this bike for 2 years, it's the combo Stardust White and Flat Ebony, with the white walls, I think it looks old skool and is my style.

Been learning a lot here this week, I travel for work and I am on my IPad or I would post some pictures but I'm sure you have all seen a stock 900 anyways.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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