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Yes, I was an idiot. Now that I got that out of the way, I need some help. I ran my 2007 meanie dry. I didn't realize how much oil i was eating. I pulled over just as i was getting on the freeway because I heard a pinging noise. I called several shops that wanted nothing to do with it. I ended up at my local kawi dealer. They said the sound seems like it is probably coming from the bottom half of the engine which means they would be changing me an arm and a leg just to tear it apart let alone figuring out what is broke and replace parts. They recommended looking for a crate engine. I have found two on ebay that may work one is an 04 meanie with 50,000 miles on it, i am really hesitant to put this on my bike, because i only have 18,000 on my bike now. I could be wrong but wont that age my bike by like a 100 bike years?

Any way the biggest question is i also found a 2004 maruader 1600 engine. As far as i understand it, these are basically the same exact bikes, with just some different fenders on it. It only have 17,000 miles which would basically be a wash on miles. I told the dealer my find and they said they were hesitant to make the swap, mostly because they are not sure if the computers were the same, i assume they are talking about for fuel mapping. It also seemed like they were hesitant just because they usually just order oem parts and swap those out.

At least in my mind 04 - 08 meanie is the same bike with really no changes. And the 04 marauder is the same as an 04 meanie. Which means an 04 marauder and my 07 meanie should work just fine, with no issues.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this situation that can help me out. Thank you.
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