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Hi everyone, hoping someone can help with my meanstreak 1600 2004 issue. On my way home today, multiple times while running the engine would shutoff and simultaneously all the warning lights would come on. I then had to turn the key to OFF and start it back up and it started fine, then shut back down shortly after.

Any idea what this could mean?

I don't suspect a battery issue because all the lights were always on, no flickering.

I noticed I have an oil leak while investigating right next to the rear cam chain tensioner seems the previous owner patched something up with some putty... and it's leaking. Don't know if it's a crack that was patched or some bolt hole or something, any help on what is going to be under there when I remove the putty and how I should fix it would be appreciated also, although not sure if related to my issue.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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