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Now that I have had the Voyager for 9 days, I got a call from the salesman that sold the the thing. He wanted to know how I like it, and I told him fine except for the heat that comes out of it depending on what your are doing.

He said that there in Las Vagas (where I got it) they put engine ice coolant in the liguid cooled motorcycles, and he had forgot to mention it to me the day I bought it. I told him thanks a lot for not telling me as I would had them do it while I was there.

I told him I would go down to the local Harley/all motorcycle repair shop here and see if they have any. The salesman said if they don't call him back and he will ship me some, and if they do send him the receipt for it.

The local shop had it. Anyway, I changed the stock coolant to the engine ice. I wasn't expecting much but changing the coolant wasn't hard to do even though I managed to miss my bucket and all the antifreeze went onto my drop light, (isn't that why it is called that?) and it exploded getting my dogs attention with me trying to keep it out of the antifreeze that went everywhere.

Anyway, after cleaning up the mess, I got the engine ice in the engine and recovery bottle. Since I had the Voyager field stripped, I added 4 runs of wire for future use and installed one of my streble horns.

This morning I went on a little 200 miles loop and the temps were 95+ most places. Out on the open road running 75 or so the temp gauge never went up the the first mark pass center and the fan never came on, as before the fan was never off. It would go up and down from center to about half way to the first mark past center and back down.

Going through a town the engine ice only seemed to make a very slight difference, but the fan did not come on as much.

So it seems that the engine ice coolant does work and does lower the operating temp down just enough to be noticeable.

I will know more next week as Friday the wife and I are doing a 4 day couple thousand mile ride ride through the Sierras. Yosemite and better roads than Yosemite. Only go to Yosemite if you have never been there, but if you want some killer roads in the same area that go to the same places let me know and I will point you to them. All you do in Yosemite is get stuck behind a 15 mph motor home for 75 miles and no way to pass and they never pull off the road.

Bottom line.... the engine ice did make a difference..... when I extracted the stock antifreeze, I flushed the system with distilled water. I did not see any of those black specs in the old antifreeze that is being reported and even though I have only had the Voyager 10 days now, it was built over a year ago....

By the way, gas is 5 bucks a gallon in Lee Vining California, the entrance to Yosemite.....:eek:

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The chairman of the board over that the American Voyager Association changed over to engine ice and did temp reading before and after. Looks like he is averaging around 25 degrees lower with engine ice.

I ran it in my sport bikes and will probably change over to it on the Voyager next spring when I hit the two year mark. Engine heat is not much of an issue for me. The outside of my leg actually gets hotter from the sun than the inside of my leg from the engine. and yes, I do wear kevlar riding jeans.
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