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I did a search on this subject. Seems the fix is to keep riding til it stops doing that.

I took the bike out twice and it would do that every now and then. At first I thought I was just loosing oil pressure and the bike was shutting down. However, the engine was overfilled with oil not low of oil.

It was suggested by folks on this forum to just do a complete oil change. I did and thought things were OK. But the engine kept stalling out. So I realized it wasn't an oil pressure issue. It was a throttle issue.

I'm just getting to know this machine. I though it was running OK but something told me that it still wasn't quite right. Sometimes the throttle response wasn't there. There would be a slight pop in the breather.

The forum also suggested I open up the breather cover and check for oil. I did and boy did it have oil in it. That stuff just gushed out. I had a mess to clean up.

I removed the filter because I thought it would be wet with oil. Oddly enough, it wasn't. I knew I couldn't get a filter today, so I just took some compressed air and blew out the filter. I got it pretty dang clean. I put every thing back and went for a test run.

I thought this bike was awesome but now it's really awesome. The throttle response is there. No stalling at stop signs or intersections. I couldn't hardly do a roll on in 5th gear but now the bike does it with ease. 65 and 70 mph are really easy now. Before I had to urge the bike to 70 but now I look down and doing 70 at ease. Huge Difference !

I thought this bike was nice riding it home for the first time but it keeps getting better and better. Thanks Everybody !
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